Share your story and Jesus' story

Your Story
In 2-3 mins learn to share your story about how you came to know Jesus in 3 parts 
  1. Your life before Jesus
  2. How you met Jesus
  3. Your life after Jesus
How do you learn to share your story in 2-3 mins in a way people can understand.
  1. Chose a believer friend to practice your story with. 
  2. Tell your story (all 3 parts) in 5 mins to that person  without using big words. 
  3. You friend should comment on the story: Was it clear? Did you use big words. 
  4. After receiving comments from your friend, tell your story again.
  5. Then let your friend tell your story in 2 mins.
  6. Then you tell your story in 2 mins. 
  7. Now its your friends turn to tell his/her story. You do what he/she did with you. Steps 1-6
Practice many times till you can tell your story smoothly in less than 2 mins.
Then start to learn how to share Jesus' story here.