Lesson 6


Spreading the Gospel

You are now a Christian, a child of God, a member of God’s family. You have assurance of salvation. You can pray directly to God and have fellowship with Him at any time and spend devotional time with Him. You are a member of his church, a blessed people. Now that you are maturing, you need to give back to the family. God calls you to spread the gospel and teach new believers to obey all of His ways. Then they can proceed to teach even more people about the good news of salvation and train them also.

Please download the PDF and use the Bible to look up the answers to all the questions below. 

There are four types of calls to share the gospel that we should hear each day.

1. Call from above : from heaven: the commandment of the Lord Jesus. (Isaiah 6:1-8 – The King calling for someone to go.)

  • Mark 16:15

The King commands us to go. That is enough. Point your finger upward. This call comes from above, from heaven.

2. Call from below: from hell: the rich man’s pleas for someone share the gospel with his family.

  • Luke 16:27-28

The lost in hell call us to go warn their family members who are still alive. Can you hear them? Point your finger downward. This call comes from below, from hell.

3. Call from the inside : Paul was under compulsion to spread the gospel.

  • 1 Corinthians 9:16-17

A voice inside us tells us that we were created to be witnesses. Can you hear it? Point your finger at your heart. This call comes from inside, from our hearts.

4. Call from the outside : Paul heard the call from a lost man in Macedonia to come help.

  • Acts 16:9

Outside voices from lost people all around us are calling us to help them. With their mouths, they say one thing, but their hearts call for us to share the good news with them. Can you hear them? Point your finger outside. This call comes from outside, from the lost around us.

Today each Christian should listen to the calls in their life and respond immediately. Point your finger up, down, in, and out several times and repeat the four calls.

We should not only lead people to become Christians, but also to become successful trainers, training others to do share the gospel too. In this way, you can rapidly spread the gospel message.

  • 2 Timothy 2:2

God’s desire is for every Christian to start at least one new group, sharing the gospel with his family and friends. God will greatly bless and use his life.

  • Acts 2:46-47

You should immediately respond to God and pray for the body of Christ. Ask God to help you be a blessing by doing these things

1) Leading people to faith in the Lord

2) Starting at least one new church or home group (at your own home or any place)

3) Training trainers (people who will repeat the process and train their new trainers)