Create your name lists

There are only two kinds of people in the world: the lost and the saved. Those who do not know and have a relationship with Jesus are lost and they need Jesus to save them. Those who know Jesus are saved. They need to know that they are loved and chosen by God so that through them all those who are related to them can come to know Jesus.

However, many times the saved don't really know how to share Jesus to those who they are related to. They must be trained to share to those who are lost until they can train others to do the same. The first thing you need is to do is to create 2 name lists. Use a small notebook or write in your phone or computer

1. A list of the Lost : Write down names of all those who are related to you who are lost. They can be your relatives, friends, neighbors, acquaintances.

2. A list of the Saved : Write down names of those who are related to you who are saved who you can train so they to bring others to Jesus and train them to do the same.

Using these lists as a guide you are to pray daily for each of these people by name and in detail. Tell God about them, what they need. If they are lost and you sense their heart is hardened, ask God to soften their hearts. If they are hurt and resistant talk to God about that. What ever the need talk to God in detail about them. Do the same about the ones you will train. Talk to God about them with as much details as possible. If you sense they are afraid, pray God will remove their fear. If you know they have not been fruitful in the past, ask God to make them fruitful. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

Then decide who(Choose at least 5 people) from your lists who you will share with and who you will train in the next week.