How to Use the T4T Oral Lesson Cards and Materials

We have taken Ying and Grace Kai’s original T4T lesson materials and adapted them for use among oral culture, non-literate and semi-literate people. Our desire is that we would be able to train EVERYONE to make disciples…even those who are not educated and can not read and write.

Here is how you use the materials.

The Lesson sheets and the Lesson cards are used together. In most groups in South Asia you will have a combination of people who can read and those who can not. You want to make everyone feel included, valuable and that they are able to train others- whether they can read or not.

If the trainer is able to read and write, they should have a copy of the 2 page Lesson sheet and a Lesson card for each person in the group. After doing the first part of the T4T Lesson pattern-Look Back- Distribute a Lesson card to each person in the group. Then the trainer will go through the lesson following the lesson sheet. As you train on each point, show the picture on the Lesson card.

After completing the lesson, review the points once again using only the card. Then have the trainees practice the lesson using their own card. If it is a small group you can go around the circle with each person teaching the lesson using the card. If it is a larger group, they can break into pairs and each one teach the other the lesson using the cards.

Then proceed to the 3
part of the T4T lesson pattern- Look Forward- where they set goals, pray, etc.

The trainees can keep the lesson cards. It is good to give them a small plastic bag to keep their cards in. They should bring these cards with them each week. Next week you will give the next lesson card to them and they will add it to the bag of cards. By the end of the six weeks, they will have all six cards. If they can read, you can also give them a set of the Lessson sheets as well. Then they will be ready to train others.